Notice: this software is in a very BETA stage. Some capabilities still are not activated, for example: sound, proxy support or RBAC. Others, like "robust anti-phishing", need special tunning of the product. Keyboard is only in English, etc. Please, be patient...

We are working on wizards to help the end user customize each InmunOS to specific environments. If you want to help us just contact us at:


InmunOS brochure (only in spanish)


How to install:
Before doing anything: do a clean uninstall of the current InmunOS from the "Control Panel",....
1st.- Execute "inmunos-2.0.msi"
2nd.- Execute the desktop icon "InmunOS-Runme-once"
3rd.- WARNING: The system will automatically reboot! If this does not happen: reboot manually.

Notice: After rebooting you can delete the "InmunOS-Runme-once" desktop icon...

How to run:
Execute the desktop icon "InmunOS".

Have a look at what people is telling about InmunOS:

-Old versions-

We strongly recommend to use always the last version. Here we will give access to some old versions only for desperate users that can not run the last version and prefer to try an old/buggy version to access the Internet as safer solution to do the same task with the standard operating system browser.

Are you sure you really want the OLD Inmunos 1.0 ? Get it: here



» InmunOS (We are working in a brand new version of InmunOS!!!)

» InmunOS is a security platform that will provide to you a safe Internet experience. It works on Windows, It's free and, It is Open Source.

» It has been designed to allow the end users to surf the web -along other activities- with a virus bulletproof solution. OK, formally speaking, it is not perfect, but you will have a security similar to military or aeronautic systems.

» Security of InmunOS is based on many levels. -1st level: it works on top of a VMware Player (TM) virtual machine. -2nd level: it runs on memory!. -3rd level: it runs powered by Linux. -4th level: it has kernel protection against memory corruption bugs/exploits -PaX-. -5th level: it has a kernel based Role Based Access Control capability (warning: not active yet!)


"I'm an end user. What do I really need to know about InmunOS?"

1.- InmmunOS, as a whole product acts as a super preservative for any Internet access done through it.
2.- Inside InmunOS, there are many security features that increase it's security, giving multiple layers of added reliance, in a way similar to militar systems.
3.- Surfing the web with InmunOS will give you an unparallel degree of confidence. By design InmunOS can not leave traces in the PC of your activity.
4.- InmunOS is virtually inmune to virus. Due to it's nature, InmunOS itself does not need antivirus. In the improbable case that InmunOS got infected, the virus will not survive an InmunOS restart.
5.- InmunOS is freeware and will be freeware.
6.- This software is Open Source. This means that the entire community can inspect the source code. That guarantees transparency.

What's new in InmuOS 2.0

.... VMware Player 3!
.... Easier installer and launcher. Now only one launcher with automatic OS detection: XP, Vista and Win7 should work fine.
.... Automatic ISO image integrity checker and updater (at every logon).
.... Added two Windows Firewall rules to allow the updater go to our site and check the integrity of the ISO image and to update it if needed.
.... VMware facilities. Now InmunOS prevents the misuse of some dangerous VMware properties, i.e.: forces always a hard shutdow!
.... A set of Unix command line tools to make future scripting development easier: in the folder "updater\tools". Make your own scripts and share them with the community!


Tricks and notes for paranoid users

1.- If you want to block the automatic integrity checks and updates, wich require InmunOS to access our site, just go to "Program Files" > "Pentest Consultores" > InmunOS > updater and rename "InmunOS_update" to "InmunOS_update.old". Be aware: you will lose the integrity check and after that you should do the ISO updates manually...
2.- Even if you rename the "InmunOS_update" script, there is still a scheduled task called "InmunOS_update_and_integrity" that will try to execute the update script at avery logon. This task runs with elevated privileges. If you are so paranoid to disable the updater script, maybe you also want to disable this scheduled task... There are two firewall rules: "wget_InmunOS" and "openssl_InmunOS" that maybe you want to have a look.

We really do not recommend to disable the integrity/updater script or modify anything of the InmunOS installation unless you are a security expert. Think about this: is your Windows Update disabled...? And the antivirus updater...? Anyway, we want to give the comunity a transparent information about what InmunOS does on their systems so they can take their own decisions.

Have a nice day and a safe Internet Experience!